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Certified Roofing Contractor and Inspector.
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TPCL#13699 / TREC#7077 .


Our roofing team will help you with any insurance advise and will meet with your insurance adjuster. Our roofing and inspection team will let you know if a complete new roof or roof repair is needed. We will also advise you and or your insurance adjuster concerning other damage or damage contributor related to gutters, eaves, vents, turbines and or flashing. We will advise the replacement of the latest and most energy efficient materials. If you have skylights, solar tubes or any roof extensions, such as a dormar, we will ensure a proper inspection and advise replacement or repair when necessary.

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Our roofing experts can remove and replace your new roof in 2 to 3 days.
We always inspect our job and ensure all debri is cleared for the jobsite.
We even do a magnetic sweep to verify no damaging debri is left behind.

We offer Expert Leak Detection with Moisture Meter Probes and Infrared Cameras.

When applicable these Roofing Detective Devices can aid in the knowledge of termite or carpener ant damage and or mold or insufficient insulation.

DID YOU KNOW? Sagging Gutters or inproper water flow can contribute to roof damage?

Spectra Roofing Experts
Spectra Roofing Experts
Spectra Roofing Experts
Spectra Roofing Experts
Spectra Roofing Experts

Spectra Roofing Experts

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